Promoting French expertise in healthcare: A delegation of companies joined President Macron in Brazil

This week, a delegation of member companies had the honor of accompanying French President Emmanuel Macron on his official trip to Brazil.

This unique opportunity to accompany French President Emmanuel Macron on his official trip to Brazil enabled several major players in the French healthcare industry, and members of ϲʿ¼ Association, to play a central role in a sequence dedicated to healthcare, included in the official program. This participation provided an internationally renowned platform for demonstrating French expertise in this crucial field, and included participants such as the , , , , et ,

A wide range of French healthcare expertise displayed for President Macron’s trip to Brazil

  • The Institut Gustave Roussy, a European leader in the fight against cancer, highlighted its advances and cutting-edge research in the field of oncology. This presence underlined France’s commitment to the research and treatment of serious diseases, and strengthened the ties between the French and Brazilian medical communities.
  • , a company specializing in virtual surgical simulation, demonstrated how technology can revolutionize surgeon training and improve surgical outcomes. The demonstration illustrated the importance of technological innovation in improving healthcare and medical training.
  • Sanofi and Servier, two French pharmaceutical giants, presented their latest advances in drug research and development. Their participation underlined the importance of international collaboration in combating disease and promoting public health.
  • Tech2heal, a French start-up specializing in digital healthcare solutions, highlighted the growing importance of digital technologies in healthcare delivery and in promoting patient well-being.
  • And finally, , a biopharmaceutical company specializing in vaccines, shared its expertise in the development of innovative and effective vaccines. Their presence underlined France’s commitment to the global fight against infectious diseases and the promotion of global public health.

This delegation of French companies not only illustrated France’s exceptional expertise in the healthcare field, but also strengthened bilateral relations between France and Brazil in the healthcare sector. By actively participating in this health sequence, these companies helped promote France’s image as a world leader in healthcare, and opened up new opportunities for collaboration and partnership with Brazil and other countries around the world.

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