Mission of French companies to Saudi Arabia: a strategic step towards the future

In March 2024, MEDEF International orchestrated a corporate mission with French companies to Saudi Arabia, under the enlightened leadership of Mr. Laurent GERMAIN, President of the Saudi-French Business Council.

This delegation of ϲʿ¼ Association member companies, accompanied by General Delegate Johanna Lerfel and the association’s President Jean-Pierre Boffy, sounded out Riyadh’s economic opportunities on March 4 and 5, before heading to Jeddah on March 6, as part of a large-scale economic exploration led by . In all, over 130 companies took part in the mission, demonstrating their willingness to invest in Saudi Arabia’s future development.

This mission was of particular importance for the ϲʿ¼ Association and its member companies, such as Steam France, éDzԳé and , who sought to consolidate the exchanges already undertaken with key players in the local healthcare sector. Indeed, this active presence reflects a marked interest in the Saudi market and a desire to strengthen existing partnerships.

Saudi Arabia, newly designated host of the 2030 World Expo in Riyadh, is pursuing its ambitious strategic vision, Saudi Vision 2030, through “giga-projects” supported by the Public Investment Fund (PIF). This mission enabled participants to take part in large-scale initiatives and seize new opportunities for the healthcare sector.

Credits : Medef-International

Among the highlights of the mission, participants had the opportunity to take part in the NEOM Forum, presented by the Red Sea Global Development Company, where details of these giga-projects were unveiled, including those aimed at improving the quality of life of Saudi citizens. In addition, meetings with senior Saudi authorities and official receptions fostered fruitful exchanges and lasting ties between French companies and their Saudi counterparts.

Under the leadership of Franck Riester, Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade and Attractiveness, this corporate mission to Saudi Arabia was a real milestone in French-Saudi economic relations. French companies, including ϲʿ¼ Association’s delegation, are now positioning themselves as major players in the implementation of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious vision, thanks to their commitment, expertise and willingness to collaborate with local players.

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